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        Wedding and Event Planner

Our style is a fusion of inspiration, talent, sophistication and professionalism, combined with your individual tastes and desires; all your dreams become reality. Our certified event planner provide you detailed guidance and support throughout the entire planning process. Find that whimsical location, create that magical evening and savor every moment from this day forward… Becouse "The dream is yours, the commitment to realize it is ours".

Marilene Elage

Special Event Coordinator


Marilene Elage was planner of institutional events in Brazil and the United States, one of its biggest projects was the Commercial Promotion of Rondonia products and Brazilian Amazon in Florida through Clad Design and Show Room Amazon in partnership with Suframa of Manaus-AM . Now she is certified as Wedding and Event Planner for Broward College of Florida. So for her to create dream of every couple's marriage becomes a passion. Thus seeking to overcome every day in the realization of events that does.


Marilene is open and accessible. She knows how to listen, take your vision and then take it to a new dimension. You can trust your taste, advice and wisdom.


"The most rewarding part of being a certified wedding coordinator or planner is having the opportunity to develop close relationships with brides and grooms as they prepare for one of the most important days of your life".

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